Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1st Grade Imaginary Creatures

1st graders have been working on warm and cool colors, as well as discussing how artists can use their imaginations to create imaginary creatures. They had to make a head/body out of a cool color, arms and legs from a warm color, then use their imagination to add details with oil pastels. So fun and cute!

3rd Grade Value Scales and Spheres

3rd graders have been learning about shading and value. I did a demonstration showing them how to show value by going from dark to light by pressing hard and then lighter. They had to make their own value scale, then apply it to the spheres to show realistic shadows and highlights. I was really impressed with how they turned out!

5th Grade Vincent Van Gogh Comic Strip

I needed a one-day project for 5th grade since next week is short due to Thanksgiving break. I decided to do a mini-lesson on Vincent van Gogh, since I had several asking me about the incident with his ear. We read a short biography that covered interesting facts about his life. They had to choose what they thought was the most interesting part of what we read, then turn it in to a comic strip. They ended up being so hilarious!

Kindergarten Pattern Turkeys

Kindergarten has been working on pattern and symmetry. They got a brown piece of paper that they made AB patterns on, then an orange piece of paper that they made ABB patterns on. Then, they folded their brown in half and cut it to show symmetry. Next, they colored in their turkey body and feet, cut them out, and glued everything together.

2nd Grade Salt Paintings

2nd graders have been making salt paintings! They started by using glue to draw lines on their paper. We discussed how movement in art is when your eyes follow the lines within an artwork. Then, they sprinkled salt over their glue. The next week, we discussed how the salt created texture. We talked about different kinds of texture. Then, they used watercolors to paint over their salt lines to make them colorful.

4th Grade Lego Characters

4th graders have been working on creating their own Lego characters using a template I found (I just used Google image search.) We focused heavily on color scheme. They had to come up with a color scheme of no more than 3 main colors, but were able to use a few other colors here and there if needed. They also had to divide the shirt of their character into 1/4 blocks and design symbols representing that character within the blocks. They could then choose to color the background, cut it out and glue it to a different background, and/or add scrap paper objects to their character. It was a very open ended project, and it has been fun to see what they have come up with! Some chose movie characters, others decided to make themselves as a character.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

3rd Grade Faux Stained Glass Pumpkins

3rd graders have been learning about how stained glass artworks are created and put together. They got to create their own faux "stained glass" fall pumpkin! They started by drawing their pumpkin design on a white piece of paper. I showed them the basic steps, then they could add in lines where they felt appropriate to give it a stained glass feeling. Next, they colored their pumpkin in. They had to use only warm colors inside the pumpkin and only cool colors on the outside. Once they had colored it in, I took cotton balls and vegetable oil and dabbed each artwork with the oil to give it a translucent appearance. Once dry, the students outlined their original pencil lines with a black oil pastel, then created their own frame and glued it on top to complete their "window".